Suppliers are already preparing for a second-gen model

An OLED iPad is not a question of whether it will happen, but when it will come to life. And according to a report, while Apple hasn’t even still announced its first OLED iPad, Samsung DIsplay is already working on a second-generation panel for Apple’s tablets.

The Elec reports that Samsung Display will “likely be able to mass-produce Gen 8.5 OLED panels in late 2024 to aim for Apple’s second-generation OLED iPad.” It’s still not clear whether Samsung will invest in the production of Gen 8.5 OLED, which will use full-cut substrates and deposit organic materials vertically, but the company is said to decide by next month.

As of now, the publication says that Samsung Display and LG Display are planning to use existing Gen 6 OLED lines to make the first batch of 11-inch and 12.9-inch OLED panels for Apple’s first-generation OLED iPad models launching in 2024.

A previous report by The Elec explained more about the Gen 8.5 OLED technology.

Samsung Display is likely to build its first Gen 8.5 OLED line with a capacity of 15,000 substrates per month, TheElec has learned.

Gen 8.5 (2200x2500mm) substrates are larger than the Gen 6 (1500x1850mm) used widely for smartphones. This means it is more efficient and productive for making larger OLED panels aimed at IT products such as tablets and notebooks.

The line is aimed at Apple, which is planning to adopt OLED panels more for its iPads and PC lineups. If Cupertino decides to more widely adopt them going forward, Samsung Display will likely invest to add another 15,000 substrates per month in capacity.

According to DSCC’s Ross Young, an OLED iPad makes sense because the performance of the panel will get a lot better in the next few years thanks to tandem stacks, phosphorescent blue emitters, and more. Costs will also fall from larger fabs.

As of now, Apple is the only major brand promoting miniLED in tablets and notebooks, but they will also go to OLEDs from 2024, said the analyst. So even if you enjoy your miniLED MacBook Pro or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it will likely switch to OLED soon.

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