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Surface Duo 2 actually has some basic water protection with IPX1 rating

Surface Duo 2 New SettingsSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

One of the challenges with new form factors is catching up to existing standards for current devices like IPX ratings for dust and water protection. It took Samsung three versions to get any Ingress Protection (IPX) rating with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 (it finally got IPX8), which then makes you wonder about Microsoft’s new Surface Duo 2.

While we all thought it simply didn’t have any IPX rating, as it turns out, it actually does — it’s just not very impressive.

According to the official Microsoft Surface Twitter account, Surface Duo 2 gets a massive IPX1 rating. That translates to “dripping water with vertically falling drops … when mounted in an upright position onto a turntable and rotated at 1 RPM” for 10 minutes. The amount of water equals 1mm of rainfall per minute.

That’s not amazing, but it is something. It’s basically rain coming down vertically at a rate of 2.3-inches per hour (which is a lot). But IPX2 is the same, but with a 15-degree angle (so, windy rain), IPX3 is a water spray, and the scale goes up from there.

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While you may want to avoid using Surface Duo 2 while it is storming, at least for long durations, you should be OK for some basic rain situations.

I have used my Surface Duo briefly in the rain (I had to relaunch the Tesla app to open my car!), and I never had an issue with water or damage. At least now, Surface Duo 2 gets a bit more protection than before, which is nice to know.

Thanks, Javid M., for the tip!

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Surface Duo 2 is a major upgrade for the dual-screen form factor, featuring larger 90Hz displays that curve down the middle, the latest Snapgraon 888 processor with 5G, 8GB RAM, NFC and can even charge the Surface Slim Pen via an optional case accessory.

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