Surface Laptop Studio down $300, now $1,499 in Cyber Monday aftercare deal

Cyber Monday may be over, but the joke’s on you because Cyber Monday isn’t actually over: It’s just getting started. See, after Best Buy figured out how much money it could make off of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it said “hey, let’s just do this every day of the year, yeah?” Which brings us to now, when a random Thursday can also be the day that Microsoft’s shiny new Surface Laptop Studio goes on sale for a whopping $300 off.

That’s right. For just $1,499, you can get a Surface Laptop Studio with an Intel 11th Gen Core i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Do you even know how many episodes of The Sopranos you can store with an SSD that big? All of them!

But you need to act fast if you want to score this killer deal, as it’s only available for a limited time. At midnight (ET) tonight, the pumpkin carriage will revert to a dead, moldy vegetable and Best Buy will yank the savings opportunity away from you, at which point you’ll have no choice but to take out a mortgage on your home to afford the full $1,799 machine.

Surface Laptop Studio

Surface Laptop Studio

It’s a laptop! No, it’s a foldable! No, it’s both! See the wildest not-quite-2-in-1 Surface device to come out of Microsoft’s 2021 slate, then spend nearly $2,000 doubloons on it.

$1,499 at Best Buy

It’s worth noting that you can get a Surface Laptop Studio for around this sale price on a regular day, but it won’t be this same config. So if you want the most bang for the buck on the spec side of things, now’s your chance to dive in and reap the rewards of Best Buy’s offer. Or, alternatively, wait ’til sometime next week when another surprise deal sneaks up on you like Jason Momoa did to Henry Cavill at that one red carpet premiere.

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