T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro starts to receive Android 10

Better late than never, right? OnePlus has already updated their OnePlus 7 Pro to Android 10 back in September, but the T-Mobile locked variant of the phone lagged behind a bit. That update’s finally starting to roll out.

That’s unfortunately one of the drawbacks to buying a phone through a carrier, but at least the wait is over.

The update is the same that OnePlus pushed out a couple months ago, bumping the phone to Oxygen OS 10.0.1. That brings Android 10 and all of its new features, plus the November 2019 security patch and some other bug fixes. It’s also thoroughly tested on T-Mobile’s network, so it should be rock solid after this delay.

It clocks in at 2GB, so make sure you’ve got some time to let the install happen. Good way to start off 2020.

source: reddit

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