Take a Look at the Apple iPhone 2G Prototype Worth Half a Million USD

In celebration of the iPhone‘s 15th anniversary, YouTuber Luke Miani has shared with audiences some of the rarest and earliest prototypes. Apple first launched the original iPhone 2G 15 years ago and since then has released up to the 13th generation of iPhones.

In his latest YouTube video, Miani gives dissects over $1 million USD worth of iPhones. The first generation iPhone was first introduced in 2007 and Miani has gotten his hands on some very rare iPhone 2G prototypes. The prototypes he talks about in his videos date back to as far as 2006. He even showed that in one of the final designs, one of the phones features a display that was ditched last minute with the final product using glass.

Two of the phones in the video were such early prototypes that even the purchase stickers are still affixed on the back of the iPhone. Due to its rarity, each of the pre-release iPhone prototypes are worth approximately $500,000 USD. Some of the devices are even able to run test software similar to an iPod click wheel.

Take a look above at Miani’s video explaining the prototypes.

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