Tarisland Release Date, Pre-Registration, and Trailers

Read on to find out the official release date of Tarisland, the latest of pre-registrations, and watch the teaser!

Release Date & Available Platforms





Tarisland, the latest MMORPG from Tencent, is set to release on June 21, 2024. Players across the globe will be able to play Tarisland on Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

While Android and iOS users can download the game for free from Google Play and App Store, respectively, PC gamers will have to order the game from the official Tarisland website. Make sure you pre-register/pre-order Tarisland to rake in the free in-game rewards.

If you have no idea how to pre-register for Tarisland, scroll down for a detailed guide and a rewards overview.


Pre-registrations for Tarisland are in full flow. Android, iOS, and PC users can pre-register for the game using the links below:

Pre-Registration Rewards

Here’s a sneak peek at the potential rewards you can get by pre-registering for Tarisland:

  • Game Pack: Get various in-game valuables.
  • Got Sharp Eyes: Granted upon reaching 1M pre-registrations.
  • The Black Tower: Granted upon reaching 1.5M pre-registrations.
  • Mystery Pet: Granted upon reaching 3M pre-registrations.
  • Mystery Mount: Granted upon reaching 5M pre-registrations.
Pre-registration rewards for Tarisland
Pre-registration rewards for Tarisland
Image: Tarisland

Pre-Registration Ruffle Rewards

Tencent is also holding a raffle event on the Tarisland website. By completing simple quests like pre-registering for the game and inviting friends to pre-register, players can earn attempts to raffle for rewards. The raffle includes the following rewards:

  • The Alternate Hollow title.
  • Pre-registration pack.
  • Large pre-registration pack.
  • $100 Gift Card.
  • iPhone Flagship Phone.
  • Android Flagship Phone.

Although the raffle winning history isn’t that great, it’s always worth a go!

Tarisland Trailer

YouTube videoYouTube video

The whole of trailer builds up the final boss of Tarisland, the Blight Dragon. He was the first-ever Dragon in the Tarisland universe and now he’s free from the shackles! We also get our first look at the stunning world of Tarisland.

Here’s a quick look at all the feature highlights as disclosed in the official release date announcement:


The features, the visuals, the new mechanics, and a daunting final boss make Tarisland a promising MMORPG. However, it remains to be seen whether Tarisland can compete with giants like Black Desert Mobile, Final Fantasy XIV, and others.

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