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Bone conduction headphones are popular now but now we are seeing AIR conduction headphones which is a different take on the technology used and for the better, having tested countless pairs of bone conduction headphones AIR conduction are far and few between but we have tried a few pairs over the last while, TOZO is a new brand to us and we recently tested their Golden X1 earbuds which are fantastic with a great app and we recommend you try them out and give this brand a look in the near future if not already.

The TOZO OpenReal Air are another pair or headphones that are closer to wearing earbuds than you think same as bone conducting but better, You still get all the features required with controls and so on but on these type of headphones it is actually much simpler. Yes we have an app this time around for these too which is not common and again kept simple.

The design is simple yet robust and sleek you will forget you are wearing these after a few mins and they are comfortable and don’t bounce on your head if jogging or training, a question that is asked alot on such headphones. As you are aware they do not go into your ears but sit on the outside of them and delivering decent audio too which you might not expect but they do work really well and they also have an IPX7 rating for those who are more sporty or use outdoors.

Now when it comes to sound they are loud enough with 16.2mm dynamic drivers, not as loud as earbuds or headphones but loud enough also they do not seem to leak like bone conduction headphones so if someone is sitting beside you on the train or bus you need not worry. Battery life is decent too with around 14 hours per charge less when used full volume and EQ setting dependent.

The controls are simple to use being both on the right earbud and the small control buttons which are very small for me with big fingers it must be said but they work and work fine, you also have the charge port there which of course is a two pin proprietary charger which will hopefully be gone by the end of this year but for now it is the norm like most smartwatches.

The app gives you more control allowing you to pick from custom EQ settings or make your own and the thing is here there is a notable difference between the EQ sounds compared to even recent earbuds tested where you would not notice much of a change between your bass and trebles etc, you can hear the difference with these which is good.

For the price you pay here these are one of it not the best air conduction headphones I have tried to date and look forward to seeing this improve even more over time.


  • Open-Ear Design
  • Air Conduction Technology & Ergonomic Design
  • Clear Calls with Dual-Mic ENC & Bluetooth 5.3
  • 16.2mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Up to 14 Hours Playtime & Fast Charging
  • Support TOZO APP


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