The 4 Best Earplugs for Concerts of 2024

Our pick

Although no universal earplug will reduce different sounds as evenly as a custom design, the Loop pair offers solid noise protection and is the most enjoyable to wear.

Compared with cheap foam earplugs, which are designed to block all sounds, a good pair of universal-fit (aka musician-style) earplugs like the Loop Experience Earplugs will provide a much better listening experience, allowing you to hear music and voices at a safer level.

The Loop set was the only pair that every one of our testers said they would be happy to use regularly. These earplugs are comfortable to wear for an extended time and come with enough tips (four pairs) to provide a secure fit for nearly every ear shape.

Although some other competitors offered higher levels of noise protection, they either fit uncomfortably or sounded too muffled—so no one on our panel wanted to wear them.

Upgrade pick

This pair conforms to fit the toughest ear shapes, and it offers more noise protection with a slightly clearer sound than many of the universal earplugs we tested.

If most universal earplugs don’t fit you correctly but you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on custom earplugs, the Decibullz Professional High Fidelity Earplugs find a good middle ground in fit, performance, and price.

The Decibullz earplugs combine a moldable outer portion with universal inner tips in an array of sizes. They take more work to set up (you have to boil them and mold them to your ears, just as you would mold a mouthguard to your teeth), but they offer more noise protection and a slightly clearer sound than other universal-fit options do. So this was one of the only pairs that we found to be passable for musicians to wear while performing.

Although these are not as good as custom-made earplugs, they cost $100 to $200 less and don’t require an appointment with an audiologist.

Also great

Kids will love these earmuffs’ soft padding and fun designs, while adults will love the safer listening levels and lifetime build warranty.

The over-ear Muted Earmuffs are a great choice for children ages 18 months to roughly 12 years (depending on their head size). These were the most comfortable of all the kids earmuffs we tested, with the softest memory foam and solid (but not pinching) clamping force. The headband offers a good amount of adjustment, so these earmuffs should fit a wide variety of ages.

The kids in our test found the designs to be cute and fun, yet not too babyish. All of the earmuffs we tested met safety standards, so you could choose any of the competitors listed below based on your budget and your kid’s taste, but we found the Muted Earmuffs to be the most pleasant all around. Plus, they have a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy, as well as a lifetime build warranty.

Also great

The soft, elastic headband and smaller earcups are gentle on tiny noggins and unobtrusive enough to allow babies to fall asleep while wearing them.

What sets the Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs apart is this pair’s smaller earcups and its soft, stretchy Velcro strap in place of a headband. Although these earmuffs won’t grow with a child past 18 months or so, they’re ideal for newborns who have softer skulls and for babies who are less tolerant of hard-headband designs.

The straps are hand washable and replaceable, and the entire earmuff set is covered by a one-year warranty. These earmuffs are comfy enough that little ones can sleep in them, which is perfect for families who want to stay up for fireworks, festivals, or the big game.

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