The 5 Best Olive Oils You Can Buy at the Store in 2023

The Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich Taste (about 36¢ per ounce) had one of the most pronounced grassy and peppery notes of any olive oil we tried. Multiple testers initially smelled petrol, but it gave way to more tropical fruit aromas, including guava, on subsequent whiffs. One of us thought it smelled strongly of tomatoes with a hint of basil.

We all agreed this oil was one of the more complex that we tried. One tester said, “This is what I imagine olive oil should taste like.” The oil had some lively notes of tomato and artichoke, with a sharp bitterness and some lingering astringency. It felt fatty and buttery in the mouth, but the aftertaste was clean and pleasant, and it had a satisfying, tickly pungency, which is a good indicator of freshness. This would be a great oil to eat with bread.

Note: This oil is a global blend, which means the olives are sourced from all over the world. The bottle we first tried used olives from Spain and Tunisia (with a harvest date of 2021/2022). We tasted another bottle sourced from Spain and Portugal (with harvest dates of 2020/2021 and 2021/2022—a blend of two harvest years). Tried side-by-side, both were similar in flavor, though we liked the Spain and Portugal blend a little better—it was brighter and less heavy. Just know that the flavor of this oil may vary based on where the olives are sourced.

Origin: varies (Argentina, Chile, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia)

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