The Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) battery capacities revealed

The September “Far Out” Apple event is now behind us, and now we know all about the company’s latest products which were a hot topic throughout the year. Well, actually, that’s not exactly true. The thing is that Apple tends to exclude some details about its products, which includes this year’s Apple Watches.Thankfully, we have other means of getting the nitty gritty details about new devices. In this case, it is thanks to a 3C certification that we know the full battery capacity of the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch 8, and the second generation of the Apple Watch SE (2022). (via MySmartPrice)

For the uninitiated out there, the 3C (or CCC) certification is a mandatory product certification that devices such as the Apple Watch have to go through before they are allowed to be imported into China. Its aim is to protect the consumer from potential exploits and dangers.

Here is the battery capacity and battery life of all the new Apple Watches from 2022:

But let’s digress to the topic at hand. First and foremost, we have the new addition to Apple’s wearable family, the Apple Watch Ultra, which comes with a 542mAh battery. That is almost double in comparison of the 45mm version of the Series 8, which has a 308mAh battery.

This difference in battery size, of course, directly affects the overall battery life of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, with the former lasting up to 18 hours and the latter up to 36 hours. Although, keep in mind that these numbers are often a bit exaggerated, so they will vary depending on your usage.

As for the new Apple Watch SE (second generation), its 44mm variant comes with a 296mAh battery, which Apple claims will last you 18 hours, the same estimate the company gives for the more expensive Series 8.

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