The best 4th of July TV deals: 4K, OLED, HDR, and more

Early summer holidays are always a great time to save on a new TV because so many retailers are eager to clear out inventory from previous generations. You can get huge deals on some of the highest quality TVs around, and that includes TVs loaded with features like streaming platforms, OLED panels, and more. Plenty of retailers will be featuring big deals during the 4th of July, and we’re going to find the best ones out there.

If you’re a gamer with your Xbox One X or other consoles, then you know how expensive the hobby can be. You’ve got monthly subscription fees, games that can cost as much as $70 (or even more for special editions!), and the consoles themselves which go for at least $300. Then, to top it all off, the best way to game is with a high-end, high-quality, beautiful-looking TV that costs as much as a car. Save money any way you can with a hobby like that, and if you can save hundreds, so much the better.

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The best 4th of July TV deals:

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