The best Amazon Prime Day laptop deals for 2022

When you’re in the market for a new laptop, chances are you’re looking for a great bargain, too, because laptops can get quite expensive once you start adding in more features. Lucky for you, Prime Day is right around the corner, and Amazon’s mid-summer sales event is a fantastic time to save on laptops in all shapes and sizes.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re using the laptop for either, whether you need one for a student going back to school or you want a powerful gaming machine you can take with you anywhere or just need a 2-in-1 so you can use it as a tablet while you’re chilling in the backyard. There will be plenty of options on sale with a little something for everyone, which means all you need to do is decide exactly what you want from the options available. 

We will keep this page up to date with all the latest and greatest deals we can find in the weeks leading up to Prime Day and on the big day itself. Keep checking back for more because there will definitely be plenty to add, especially as other retailers join in on the savings fun. We expect popular sites like Best Buy, Microsoft, Dell, HP, and others will have sales you’ll want to see, too.

While we do know Prime Day is coming July 12-13, we also know Amazon wants to get the party started a lot sooner than that. In some cases, the deals are already dropping. While that doesn’t necessarily include laptops specifically, we are keeping our eyes open. This page already includes some fantastic deals, including some of our favorite machines.  

Amazon Prime Day laptop deals FAQ

When is Prime Day?

Amazon announced in mid-June that Prime Day 2022 would take place on July 12 and 13. More importantly than that, though, is that the deals won’t be exclusive to just those two days. In fact, Amazon has already started pushing out some ways to save on plenty of other items. That means we will be seeing a lot of laptop deals even before the actual sales event.

After all, between now and then we also have the 4th of July, which is often a really big time for electronics to go on sale. Many retailers start up to back-to-school sales events, too, so there could be some ways to save if you’re a student or a parent shopping for one. The deals never really stop, they just become a bit more concentrated for Prime Day. Either way, keep your eyes open for huge discounts right here. 

Do you need Amazon Prime to shop these deals?

We do try to keep a well-rounded list of deals from all sorts of retailers, and we do know that a lot of Amazon deals will pop up before actual Prime Day. It is still a safe assumption that the bulk of the savings will be directly associated with Prime Day, which does mean you will need Amazon Prime.

The event is exclusive to Prime members. 

Fortunately, you have some options. If you aren’t already a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial (opens in new tab). Even if you sign up today, that should cover you through Prime Day. And once you are signed up, you have access to all the same Prime benefits as anyone else, including the exclusive deals, free two-day shipping, and whatever else. After the trial is up, you’ll have to decide what you want to do with that membership, but that’s totally up to you. 

We will also do our best to list as many non-Prime exclusive deals as we can find. Let’s not sugar coat it, the best savings will inevitably be Prime deals. We highly recommend at least getting the free trial to for the summer event. But there will definitely be options because we usually see huge sales from Best Buy, Walmart, and other online retailers to compete with Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day laptop deals: What to Expect

Before you even start looking at the deals, you need to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. What sort of features do you want in your machine? These laptop deals are going to range from budget options with minimal storage but fast solid state drives to powerful energy-hungry gaming machines with dedicated graphics cards and advanced cooling systems. While everything we list here will be on sale, the prices will still vary by hundreds of dollars based on the feature set. 

Many of the brands you’ve come to recognize will be on sale, including Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, and others. We also expect to see plenty of retailers that deal in tech to get involved, including big sites like Best Buy or Walmart and single brand sites like Dell and HP. Some of the savings may come in the form of coupon codes, some may include bundles that add on accessories like webcams, and there may be other ways to save as well. Many of these sites may only just be price matching what’s already available on Amazon, but sometimes they can offer unique deals Amazon can’t match especially on newer products like say the Dell XPS 13 Plus.

Whatever your budget we track the best pricing, discounts, and laptop deals to help you make the best buying choice. Whatever you’re looking for you don’t have to look any further than our roundup of the best on offer right now.

Best Prime Day laptop deals available now

Best Prime Day gaming laptop deals

Laptop gaming is a serious business and there are some truly spectacular, truly powerful machines out there that can put up a fight against a desktop. If you’re planning to game mostly on the laptop rather than hook up an external display, look for a laptop with a display with higher refresh rate for smoother performance.

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