The best robots from CES 2020: the cute, the cuddly and the confusing

CES 2020 played host to a huge collection of strutting and rolling robots, designed to handle everything from everyday chores to nurturing human kindness. Perhaps as a reflection of our increasingly high-stress lifestyles, this year’s show was also populated by a surprising number of robots designed to provide companionship and alleviate loneliness.

Robot pets are nothing new (Sony’s dog-bot Aibo made its debut in 1999), but the new generation of mechanical beasts are quite different; all soft fur and limpid eyes, designed to appeal to our need to protect and nurture.

The future is surprisingly cuddly – so after much petting, tickling and fussing, here’s our guide to the best robots of CES 2020…


(Image credit: Elephant Robotics)

MarsCat (Elephant Robotics)

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