The Best Savory Apple Recipes for Fall

Fall is without a doubt the most fun cooking time of year. With tailgates to plan and the big Thanksgiving feast right around the corner, we’re always looking for ways to switch up our go-to seasonal food items. Apples galore mean a world of possibility for seasonal recipes. Go beyond your typical apple pie or apple cobbler recipe and surprise your guests with irresistible savory apple recipes for fall like an Apple, Celery and Romaine Salad at your next fall potluck. Switch up your tailgate recipes by adding Chicken Sausage with Fennel and Apples to the menu. From salads to savory apple dinner recipes to savory apple side dish recipes, and even a few breakfast bakes tucked in, we’ve rounded up our best savory apple recipes for you to enjoy. You won’t find any apple desserts tucked in here, but you can still celebrate the season with the recipes that we’ve included.

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