The Best Smart Smoke Alarm

Google Nest Protect Is a user required to create a login/account in order to use this product? No. But they are required to use smart features. Is two-factor authentication available, and if so, is it required?




Is a user’s identifying data (such as email addresses or Wi-Fi credentials) encrypted when stored in the cloud? Data is encrypted at rest and in transit to the cloud. What specific user data does the company collect? System info like smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) levels, current temperature, humidity, room light, sound (2nd Gen), and motion. User info such as user account, Wi-Fi details, location/address, and language. Where is that data stored, and what measures are taken to secure it?  On device and on Google servers. Access is protected by authentication, authorization, and anti-abuse controls. Do you share customer data with third parties, affiliates, and partners? If so, what, and for what purposes? Yes, with third-party products or services that use Works with Nest. Outside of the Works with Nest users may opt-in to share data, for instance with energy or insurance companies. Are customers able to opt out of sharing some or all of their data—and if so, how? Yes, customers must opt in to share data. To see what data, Google accounts can go to If customer data is shared or sold, are customers notified and are there provisions to secure that data after it has been transferred to a third party? Customers opt in to share data. To access that data, third parties must pass a Google security audit. Does the device or its hub/bridge contain inactive or active but unadvertised hardware?

No. Updated information on Nest sensors can be found here.



Does the device or app record or share location data? What is this data used for, and can the user disable this feature? Yes. The data is used to alert you to the location of a triggered alarm.

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