The case for helping employees with their home office setup

With the positive progress on Covid vaccines in development, we know one thing already: we won’t be going back to ‘normal’ life any time soon. The government has recently stated that where possible, employees should continue to work from home until at least April 2021. It’s quite possible that this date could be extended further. Some large companies have announced their own, later dates (office-based Amazon staff for example won’t be going back until at least June 2021).

Even for those quite content to work from home – and few miss the realities of daily commuting – the extension of the remote working mandate is a mixed blessing. When the first work from home announcement came in March 2020, few would have expected us to be in the same boat one whole year later. And even now that most have settled into this new routine, this prolonged period of being away from the office is problematic for many. Plenty of employees have been living day to day, unable to invest in a proper “home office” setup for reasons of economy or space.

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