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    An ecobee SmartCamera next to a pacifier.

    Wi-Fi Security cameras can already work pretty well as baby monitors, but they’re not tailor-made for the task. Dedicated baby monitors are still usually better, but thanks to a new update, the ecobee SmartCamera might be the best dual-use case yet. Or at least you won’t set off the siren and wake the baby anymore.

    And you could use any old security camera if you want, but ecobee’s update is compelling for anyone with a newborn. During setup, you can now select “Baby Monitor Mode,” and it will make some quick changes to how the camera works. Some of the changes will keep your baby more comfortable, like dimming the camera’s LEDs at night and making it harder to activate the siren.

    Others should give you peace of mind. With Baby Monitor Mode turned on, you’ll get access to a continuous audio-only mode. You don’t always need to see the little one; often, just hearing them will be enough. With continuous audio mode, you can head to other apps or lock your phone, and you’ll still hear your child. If something catches your attention, head back to the ecobee app (for iOS and Android) to get video.

    If you prefer, you can activate selective audio mode, which will focus on the sounds your little one is making and cancel out background noise. Because it is a security camera, you can set up motion zones around the crib or play area that’ll notify you when your child stirs without picking up on motion outside the zone. You can play white noise with the help of Alexa built right into the camera, and there’s two-way audio, too, of course.

    The update is free for all ecobee SmartCamera owners, and the company even put together a “Sweet Dreams Baby Kit” that includes the camera, an ecobee motion sensor, and thermostat. You’ll spend $50 less on the bundle than buying the items separately.

    Now a Baby Monitor

    ecobee SmartCamera

    Already a competent security camera, the ecobee SmartCamera now doubles as a baby monitor with new upgraded features.

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