The EU wants to make USB-C ports mandatory on all smartphones

With flagship and mid-range smartphones, laptops, and even iPads sporting USB Type-C charging ports, isn’t it high time that all handsets and tablets moved on from the venerable, but obsolete MicroUSB port? The EU certainly thinks so because it is moving towards making USB-C ports mandatory on all smartphones.

This isn’t the EU’s first attempt at pushing for a common charging standard, back in 2014 it began a policy of asking manufacturers to voluntarily adopt USB-C. We are now in 2020, though, and still seeing smartphones, e-book readers, and tablets launch with MicroUSB ports, so the EU is now pushing to make it compulsory for all brands and OEMs. Besides making it easier for consumers to keep on top of charging their devices, the move to make USB-C ports compulsory is also designed to reduce the 51,000 tons of electronic waste created by discarded chargers.

In the day and age where USB-C has become so ubiquitous, there’s really no excuse for brands such as Huawei, Nokia, Amazon, and Xiaomi to still manufacture and launch new products with MicroUSB ports. It’s time for a change, and hopefully, other regions will follow the EU’s lead on making USB-C the common charging standard.

Source: EU Parliament

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