The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Could Have A Larger Cover Display

The Z Fold 6’s Design Looks Ready For Some Major Change

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Could Have A Larger Cover Display 5
Image credit: XLEAKS7 via Pigtou

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 was announced in late July last year, coming out with minor refinements over the previous model. The Z Fold 5 is a solid device, but it doesn’t provide enough over its predecessor to be worth an upgrade. However, if you’re looking for a drastic change in Samsung’s star foldable, the Z Fold 6 may be the one.

This device will be bringing notable changes, especially in its design, according to X tipster Chun Bhai. It will likely get wider, shifting from the tall form factor — the aspect ratio of the Z Fold 5 is 23.1:9! — that Samsung has stuck to and is getting closer to approximately 20:9 aspect ratio foldables like the Honor Magic V2 and OnePlus Open have. As a result, it is expected to get a larger cover display, at 6.4 inches, according to Yogesh Brar.

It will also get a titanium frame, which isn’t surprising since it seems to be the trend for premium flagships. The edges are expected to get sharper, similar to the S Ultra design for the last few years. One part that excites me is that the leaks suggest it will be 11mm thin when folded. If true, that’d be a major improvement over the Z Fold 5 and bring it closer to the Honor Magic V2, the thinnest foldable you can get.

Other Specs Look For The Z Fold 6 Look Impressive

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Could Have A Larger Cover Display 6
Image Credit: Samsung

The design changes mean that the Z Fold 6 will be visually distinct from its predecessor, which might be what you’ve been waiting for. The good thing is that the look isn’t the only thing that will change.

Some things are expected to remain the same, such as the triple-camera setup — a 50MP primary, 10MP 3x telephoto, and 12MP ultrawide — and the absence of an S Pen slot. However, besides a bigger cover display, the leaks suggest the battery will grow to 4,600 mAh, and the under-display camera will be upgraded. As expected, it’ll be coming with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

Despite Competition, Samsung Still Has The Best Foldables In The Game

A lot is happening in the foldable space, with big manufacturers like Oppo, Google, OnePlus, and Honor producing their own devices. There are hints of Apple working on a foldable behind the scenes.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Could Have A Larger Cover Display 7
Image Credit: Samsung

However, despite all of this, Samsung still has the best foldable devices in the game. They got in early enough to have ironed out the issues that their earlier foldables faced, their designs are improving with each generation, they have a variety of small and large foldables, and their device availability worldwide is unbeatable.

This doesn’t mean that other companies are starting to give them a run for their money, but in my humble opinion, they still hold that top spot.

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