The Google Assistant could be to blame for the Galaxy Watch 4 suffering pairing issues and battery drain

Having been promised for months, the Google Assistant finally began rolling out to Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches last week but it seems that the addition of the virtual assistant may be causing some issues. Galaxy Watch 4 owners are reporting that their units are experiencing battery drain and pairing issues since the Google Assistant was installed.

According to more than one Reddit thread, users are finding it difficult to re-pair their Galaxy Watch 4 to their phones unless they perform a factory reset on the wearable beforehand. Not all users are experiencing the problem, though, so it’s unclear if it is down to the wearable being updated with the Google Assistant or not. What is clear is that when faced with the issue you will need to reset your Galaxy Watch 4 and set it up from scratch.

Besides the pairing issues, The Verge is reporting that their units are experiencing battery drain since enabling the “Hey Google” action word. Sadly, this is something that is warned about when activating the “Hey Google” hotword because it means that the smartwatch is listening for the user to say the special words. You can, however, disable the “Hey Google” feature by opening up Settings, tapping on Google, and then choosing Assistant on your Galaxy Watch 4 unit.

Let us know in the comments below if you are experiencing either of these problems with your unit.

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