The hidden auto dark mode in Android Q is now working

Both betas of Android’s next major update have sported hidden dark mode settings, however the ‘automatic’ setting wasn’t working until now… for some reason.

Whilst a plethora of manufacturers have added dark modes to their skinned versions of Android over the years, Google has frustratingly ignored our repeated requests for the feature in base Android, even launching the all-white ‘Material Design 2.0‘ design language.

This was until last year when the giant company finally recognised the great benefits of dark modes and then confirmed it would feature in Android Q.

However the celebrations were not met with quite the vigor we may have expected when the first Android Q beta launched with dark mode as a hidden setting which required ADB commands to change; though it was still greatly appreciated.

One of the peculiarities of the secret setting was that it included the functionless ‘auto’ option… until just a week ago when the setting finally began working, for some reason.

Beta tester Sergey Lipman reported that on April 27th his automatic dark mode setting suddenly became toggling on and off at sunset and sunrise, out of the blue and with no obvious explanation.

The leading theory is that the 9.78.3 beta version of the Google App must have contained some anonymous interlink for the functionality to work as the update rolled out to Lipman at about the same time.

Whatever the reason behind it is, it’s nice that the few Android Q beta testers there are out there can now use the hidden functionality, if they want.


Source: Android Police

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