The Highly Anticipated Quantum Stake Token Launch is Upon Us!

The more QStake you own the greater in value your weekly rewards will be, the contract has specifically excluded wallets such as the burn address, liquidity and main project wallets to ensure that holders of the token are rewarded as much as possible. The QStake team are also addressing one of the limitations of other native token distribution systems, which is holders needing to sell tokens to see any profit. The QStake redistribution coupled with the weekly Quantum rewards system means that holders will experience higher weekly rewards from just earning and holding the redistributed tokens. The Quantum Staking wallet is also funded by a percentage of the poker table rakes, tournament entry fees and total house profit, this is a revolutionary system that rewards those who choose not to gamble but are quite happy to hold the token.

QStake is officially launching today at 12pm EST, follow the guide below on how to buy:

Step 1: Download Metamask

  • Set up your wallet and fund it with BNB. Ensure to have enough to cover gas fees.

Step 2: Connect to PancakeSwap

  • Connect your metamask wallet using the button in the top right corner.

Step 3: Add QStake Token

  • You’ll need to use the token address to add it, copy and paste the token address: 0xde9f1d0c848e8e2ea6c61ccbc1c8a4a509bcc7f8

Step 4: Swap BNB for QStake

  • You’re now ready to swap! Choose how much BNB you want to swap for QStake, check you have enough for gas fees and set the slippage to 18%.

Step 5: Add token to Metamask

  • Once the swap has been confirmed, go back to your Metamask Wallet. Click “Add Token” and enter the token address: 0xde9f1d0c848e8e2ea6c61ccbc1c8a4a509bcc7f8

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