The Honeycrisp Apple Twitter Feud, Explained

    “This Is Us” actor Sterling K. Brown even gets in on the apple debate too, sharing, “The #Honeycrisp apple is the best! Growing up all I knew was #reddelicious (not delicious), the #grannysmith (good, but mad tart), and whatever the hell that yellow jawn [sic] is! If you haven’t had one, try it. If you think there’s a better apple … you’re wrong.” In a surprise reply, Twitter user Cianna Bedford-Peterson replies, “My dad is the inventor of the Honeycrisp apple and he says thank you! He also created the sweetango and the rave apple, both of those are crisp and flavorful as well!” And she even goes on to share a pic of the original Honeycrisp tree in Minnesota. 

    For fact checkers, the Honeycrisp apple was indeed invented by the Bedford family, specifically apple grower David Bedford who worked on this variety for decades before perfecting it 20 years ago (via Esquire). From the expert himself, the article notes, Honeycrisps are actually different at a genetic level with cells twice the size of average apples leading to the pleasing taste and texture.

    Still, one apple can’t please everyone. As Kelsi Kaminski replies, “You are wrong! Now granted — Honeycrisps are amazing eating apples, but if you can find them, and they have an amazingly short growing season, try a sweet tango apple. They will change your apple life.” So, how do you like them apples?

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