The Internet Claims These Cakes Silicone Nipple Covers Work Like Magic. We Actually Agree.

The Hollywood Fashion Secrets covers come in four skin-toned hues and two sizes; I tried the size 1, the most popular option, which measures just 2.75 inches in diameter. (The size 2 covers are a more generous 3.5 inches, but neither holds a candle to the 4.25-inch Cakes covers.) Unsurprisingly, the nipple coverage was, well, inadequate. Whereas the Cakes covers have a rounded shape that’s thicker in the center, the Hollywood Fashion Secrets covers are flat and relatively thin throughout, so nipples easily protrude. And their edges, while tapered, don’t lie flat against the skin the way the edges of the Cakes covers do. The Hollywood Fashion Secrets covers’ noticeable borders and smaller size produced puffy, attention-grabbing nipple halos instead of smooth, seamless contours.

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