The iPhone 13 Pro Max is now massively discounted

Anyone looking to enter the iPhone elite league for the first time without dropping a huge stack of cash should check out this iPhone 13 Pro Max deal, which sees the phone massively discounted.

It gets you the iPhone 13 Pro Max for just £639, which is an outstanding deal on a phone that cost £1049 just a couple of years ago.

Yes, we’re now on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. But given Apple’s outstanding quality control and ongoing software support, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will remain feeling like the flagship its is for some time to come.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Bargain

iPhone 13 Pro Max Bargain

Now’s your chance to get one of the best iPhones in recent years on the cheap, thanks to this incredible offer from Giffgaff.

  • Giffgaff
  • ‘Like new’ refurbished
  • Just £639

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So how is GiffGaff selling these iPhone 13 Pro Max handsets at such a low price? This is for so-called refurbished ‘Like New’ models. They’re not brand new, but they still exhibit “zero wear and tear” with “no visible scratches on the screen or body”.

GiffGaff puts all of its refurbished phones through an extensive 30-point phone health check, and supplies a 24-month warranty. In other words, it’s as good as new.

We awarded the iPhone 13 Pro Max 4.5 stars out of 5 in our review, calling it “a big phone that impresses thanks to a standout display, finally with a 120Hz refresh rate, great camera and stellar battery life”.

That camera system really is very good, and we found it hard to distinguish many of its shots from those of the iPhone 14 Pro Max when we revisited our review a year later. Like we said, Apple builds these phones to be good way beyond their year of active sale.

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