The New Sticky Notes App Is Rolling out on Windows 11

Sticky Notes allows you to not only keep stuff noted down on your Windows PC, but you can also be reminded of them by sticking them to your desktop and synchronizing them with other devices. Microsoft has now revamped the sticky notes experience on Windows 11, and they’re now fully integrated with OneNote.

Microsoft has officially released its revamped Sticky Notes experience for all Windows users. Initially released as a beta to Insiders earlier this year, those who managed to play with it earlier found it to be an overall better experience with improved functionality. Since there were no major problems, Microsoft has decided to open the feature up for everyone after a brief 3-month testing period.

The new Sticky Notes is developed as a feature within OneNote rather than being its own separate application. It boasts several new features over the previous implementation, including one-click screenshot capture, automatic source capture for easy reference, and automatic note recall when revisiting the original source. Furthermore, Sticky Notes seamlessly integrates with OneNote’s Android and iOS mobile apps, ensuring you can access your notes on the go from anywhere. There’s even optical character recognition (OCR) support for screenshots and other images, so you can use the search function to analyze your notes more quickly.

To launch the new experience, users can simply click the Sticky Notes button within the OneNote app or utilize the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + S. Microsoft encourages users to explore the new Sticky Notes experience and provide feedback to help shape its future development, so if you want to give it a spin and see how well it works for you, you’ll definitely want to share your feedback with Microsoft.

There are actually a few known issues at the moment, such as the “Dock to Desktop” feature not working with extended monitors, but Microsoft is reportedly working on resolving those problems. The update should be good otherwise, but you never know. It’s always good practice to wait a few weeks before actually downloading a Windows update that includes a brand-new feature, especially if you plan to start using it immediately.

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