The next Halo Infinite beta test begins September 24, focuses on PvP

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    In a surprise announcement, Halo developer 343 Industries has confirmed that the second test flight for Halo Infinite is slated to begin on September 24, 2022. It’s possible that unexpected circumstances or issues could delay the flight’s release, but as of now, that’s the official expected launch date for the technical preview. The developers have also confirmed that all Halo Insider profiles registered by September 13, 2022 will be eligible to participate in the flight, meaning that this preview will have a significantly larger population than the first one.

    In terms of what content fans can expect in this second technical preview, the developers have publicly confirmed that it will primarily focus on Arena and Big Team Battle PvP. This is significant, as it marks the first time that Halo Infinite’s PvP is being tested on a large scale. This flight will also mark the first time that fans are able to try out Halo Infinite’s expansive 12v12 Big Team Battle mode, which is a significant step up from the 8v8 Big Team Battle modes seen in previous Halo games. Big Team Battle will also give players a chance to test out some of Halo Infinite’s vehicles for the first time.

    Overall, it sounds like the second test is going to be a blast, and it’ll be interesting to see how well Halo Infinite plays in PvP environments rather than in situations where players are matched up against AI bots. Are you looking forward to the flight? Let us know. For information on how to sign up to the Halo Insider Program, check out our Halo Infinite beta guide. Also, don’t miss our coverage of the Halo Infinite beta schedule so that you know when tests like these are officially live.

    The next adventure in the saga

    Halo Infinite

    Halo Infinite

    A new Great Journey awaits

    Halo Infinite will hopefully be an incredible game filled with wonder, adventure, and more. Based on the beta and what was seen at E3 2021, we can’t wait for the full release… although we’re saddened to learn that some features will be absent at launch.

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