The Pixel Fold 2 Has Been Leaked, And Wow!

The Pixel Fold 2 Looks Set To Change Google’s Design Language

The Pixel Fold 2 Has Been Leaked, And Wow! 4
Image Credit: Android Authority

Since the Google Pixel 6, the company has stuck to a relatively distinct design language instead of experimenting like they were previously. The visor camera design has been on every Pixel phone since, including the original Pixel Fold. It even looks like it’ll make it to the Pixel 9, too.

However, based on a report from Android Authority, the Pixel Fold 2 doesn’t look like it will stick with the visor, which could mean a design change for Google after the Pixel 9 series launches. The camera array moves to the upper corner of the phone in a 2 x 2 layout and makes for what looks to be a notable bump.

It’s also clear that the outer screen goes for a taller aspect ratio — the Pixel Fold’s outer screen was 17.4:9, which is stumpy by modern standards. A taller screen aligns better with the Galaxy Z Fold and OnePlus Open. The hinge also changes to resemble the latter’s: being completely hidden when the phone is opened.

What Do We Know About The Pixel Fold 2’s Specs?

The Pixel Fold 2 Has Been Leaked, And Wow! 5
Image Credit: Google

We’ve only discussed the Google Pixel Fold 2 design-wise, but what do we know about the phone’s hardware specifications? Just a little, to be honest.

First, it seems that the Pixel Fold will be using Google’s Tensor G4 chip, which is yet to be announced, so there’s not much we know about exactly how much power and efficiency it will bring to the table. It is also rumored that it may come in a configuration with 16 GB of RAM, which would be the highest for a Google phone. The Pixel 8 Pro had 12 GB.

We’re yet to get much of a look into what to expect in the camera department, but Google is known for excellent snappers, so I will have faith in them to set things up as they feel is best. It also looks like the Pixel 8’s temperature sensor will not reach the Pixel Fold 2.

When Will The Pixel Fold 2 Launch This Year?

The Pixel Fold 2 Has Been Leaked, And Wow! 6
Image Credit: Google

The Pixel Fold was announced in May and made available in Late June. The Pixel 8 was unveiled and available for purchase in October. The Pixel Fold used the Tensor G2 chipset, the one that the Pixels right before it — the Pixel 7 series — used.

That’d make it seem like the Pixel Fold 2 should launch with the Tensor G3 that the Pixel 8 has, but the leaks suggest it’ll skip a generation and go to the Tensor G4. If this is true, it might mean that the Pixel Fold 2 will launch in the Fall instead of at Google I/O in May or June. Or, it might just end up being the debut device for the Tensor G4.

But that’s a lot of Sherlocking on our part. As time passes, we’ll learn more about when to expect this year’s Pixel devices. When do you think they’ll launch? Let us know.

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