The TikTok app is rolling out to Google and Android TV, as well as to LG and Samsung Smart TVs in North America

Tired of scrolling through TikTok videos on your smartphone or tablet and wish there was a way to do so on your television? If you live in North America you’ll be glad to learn that the TikTok app is now rolling out to Samsung and LG smart TVs as well as to streaming devices running Android TV or Google TV after a period of exclusivity on Amazon’s Fire TV platform.

Offering much the same experience as the mobile app, TikTok’s TV app lets users explore the different types of content on offer via the “Discover” tab as well as providing access to the “For You” and “Following” feeds. You’ll notice that the next video plays automatically on the big screen app instead of needing you to swipe vertically to do so.

The move to bring TikTok to the big screen is one that will help the app take on the likes of YouTube, having already surpassed the average viewership of Google’s video product on mobile screens.

Now that you’ve got access to TikTok on the biggest screen in your home, what content are you going to binge on? Whether it’s cats, pranks, or cooking, let us know in the comments below.

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