The Truth About Burger King’s Controversy With Apple

Apple’s potential problem with Burger King’s fry sleeve boils down to the Frypod name itself. Some people have speculated that Frypods were named as such to “[capitalize] on the iPod’s name and success,” per iLounge.

However, worth noting is that both products are well-established. According to Mac World, the Apple iPod was released in late 2001, while Burger King’s Frypod was trademarked in 2007 (via Justia Trademarks). Despite the six-year difference, do the two really share too close of a name?

Furthermore, Burger King is already plenty successful on its own. While Burger King will never beat McDonald’s — nor Apple, for that matter — in sales, the chain is still worth more than $7 billion and consistently ranks within the top five most popular fast food chains in the U.S. (via Visual Capitalist). Still, comparing the Frypod to the iPod is like comparing apples and oranges. Actually, it’s far more ridiculous. 

So, sure, the names sound similar, but some might find it wild to believe that Apple sees Burger King as a threat, especially since the two are in entirely different markets.

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