The XREAL Air AR Glasses have a 330-inch virtual display in them, and for Black Friday they’re even more affordable than you’d think

AR is an up and coming form factor, but up and coming doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to experience it now. XREAL has been making AR glasses for a number of years, and their first-generation Air glasses are 28% off this week for Black Friday, bringing them down to just $271 for Amazon Prime Members. If you’re looking for an AR headset that looks like a pair of normal glasses, these are one of the best out there currently.

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A massive virtual screen that you can carry with you

XREAL glasses (Image credit: Windows Central)

So, the best thing about the XREAL Air’s is that they offer a large 330-inch virtual screen that you can bring with you anywhere. Each display is 1080p, using micro-OLED technology to deliver that translucent AR experience. Those displays also support up to 120Hz refresh rate, which is excellent for gaming.

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