There’s already an ‘unboxing’ video for Google’s Pixel 6

Pixel 6

We’ve all seen unboxing videos of smartphones before, right? Usually, you get to see the phone handled, the box contents picked up and tossed aside, and the phone is almost always powered up so you can see the boot screen and setup process. Right? As it turns out, no. At least not in the first unboxing video for the still-unannounced Google Pixel 6.

We’ve seen the leaks and we have a pretty good idea how much the Pixel 6 will cost in the US, now we have what could be the most frustrating unboxing video of all time. Seriously. A video posted by @CristianDimboiu to Twitter shows the Pixel 6 being taken out of its retail packaging, plonked on a furry surface, before the charging cable was partially removed. And that’s it.

While we are amazed that the phone wasn’t powered on, we can’t believe that the ‘unboxer’ didn’t even remove the protective layer on the phone’s display. Thankfully, Google packs the Pixel 6 face down so it’s at least possible to see that it’s in the “Sorta Seafoam” colorway.

Does anything shown in the ‘unboxing’ video above impact your decision to buy or not buy the Pixel 6 when it goes up for pre-order? Let us know in the comments below.

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