These Beats Studio headphones are 51% off for Black Friday

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We’ve seen a lot of Black Friday headphone deals pop up over the past week, as retailers just can’t seem to wait for the official Black Friday date to start their sales. Amazon Black Friday deals have been a particularly fertile ground for discounts, including this awesome deal on a pair of Beat Studio Pro headphones. Normally $350, these bad boys are down to $170, a half their normal price. If you’ve been scrolling through our list of the best Beats Black Friday deals and decided the Studio Pros are the option for you, grab this deal before Amazon brings the price back up.

Why you should buy the Beats Studio Pro

Beats headphones aren’t everyone’s first pick, but for people who like their unique style and sound presentation, there’s nothing better. Beats signature style is bass heavy, so if you listen to a lot of music with an emphasis on low-end, you’ll enjoy the Beats Studio Pro. These are the premier Beats headphone model, so if you’re interested, here’s your chance at the best of the best while the price is low.

The Studio Pro model has some fancy features that rival the best headphones out there. They have head-tracked spatial audio, which means the headphones will attempt to “place” certain sounds in the environment around you. It’s the same idea as Dolby Atmos on a soundbar. The sound on these headphones is clear and clean, so you can enjoy both music and podcasts with clarity.

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Of course a major component of Beats headphones is style. The Studio Pros have the signature Beats look: sleek. These are full over-the-ear headphones. They’re more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than the on-the-ear type, and they’ll block out extra noise not picked out by the active noise cancelling. They’re secure on your head, so you won’t have to adjust them constantly or worry about them sliding off when you’re moving around.

The Beats Studio Pro headphone are down to $170 from their usual price of $350. If you’ve ever wanted a nice pair of Beats headphones, this is the best time of year to buy them. Check out the sale at Amazon before the deal is gone.

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