These computer glasses won’t make your photos and videos look yellow

What you need to know

  • GUNNAR just announced its new Clear Pro lens that can reduce eye strain by blocking blue light without being tinted.
  • Generally, the best blue light protection comes from glasses that are tinted yellow or amber, which prevents creators from being able to use those glasses.
  • Clear Pro lenses are available first in GUNNAR’s Arbor collection in Muir and Humboldt styles.
  • You can buy glasses with Clear Pro lenses today through Gunnar’s website or wait until later this month to purchase them through Amazon.

GUNNAR just announced a new type of lenses that can protect your eyes from eye strain and eye fatigue without requiring a colored tint. The new Clear Pro lenses reduce blue light exposure by 20% without skewing color. The lenses are available first in GUNNAR’s Arbor Collection through the company’s website and will be listed on Amazon later this month.

You will likely recognize GUNNAR as a brand if you’re a gamer. The company is quick to highlight its patented lens technology that reduces blue light and UV light. GUNNAR glasses are a popular choice among gamers, since they can reduce eye strain and eye fatigue, both of which are common problems for those who sit at a computer for long sessions. GUNNAR also has a pair of Fallout Vault 33 glasses.

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