These standing desks from FlexiSpot UK shouldn’t be missed on Black Friday

It’s officially Black Friday! That means many of the greatest products out there are on sale right now! Everything from games consoles to PCs to office supplies can be had for much less today and over the weekend. If you’ve been in the market for a new standing desk, now might be the time to get one, as many of them are on sale with huge savings to be had. FlexiSpot UK, a personal favorite standing desk manufacturer of ours, has a huge Black Friday sale on right now. So we’ve rounded up the best standing desks from FlexiSpot for you to take advantage of this holiday.

No matter the kind of standing desk you’re looking for, FlexiSpot has something for you. Whether that be a manually cranked standing desk, an electronic one, or one that has save slots for different heights and even an alarm that reminds you when to stand. Starting with the most affordable desk on sale today; the FlexiSpot H1 which is a manually cranked standing desk and can be had for juist £100 on Black Friday.

If you want to go all-out, FlexiSpot even has its flagship E8 electronic standing desk on sale for just £310, down from the usual £410 price tag making that quite a saving. If you do plan on buying any desks from FlexiSpot’s own website, be sure to use the code specified on the page to take advantafe of the Black Friday pricing. Amazon should have the prices already slashed, though not all of FlexiSpot’s deals are available on Amazon.

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