This Aluminum Foil Trick Can Make Your Grill Spotless – LifeSavvy

    A person grills kabobs.
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    You probably deep cleaned your grill earlier this spring, but giving it a quick spruce up between cookouts is also a good idea—and you don’t even need a grill brush to do it.

    Aluminum foil is the trick to getting your grill spotless, and it’s as easy as a simple scrub.

    When crumpled, aluminum foil becomes the perfect abrasive and heat-resistant material to get your grill clean. The only thing is that you’ll need to act while your grill is still hot to get all the leftover gunk off.

    To use this trick, simply crumple up some aluminum foil until it forms a ball. Then, grip it with a set of tongs. Keeping the foil ball between the tongs, because to scrub away at the grill grates. The grime should begin to fall giving you a clean slate, or well, grate. Let the grate cool, and then, wipe it down with a wet rag to ensure no foil is left behind before your next grill.

    Not grilling with foil? If you plan to throw some veggies on the grill, you might want to add an onion to the mix. As it turns out, an onion can clean your grill, too.

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