This Android Auto adapter goes from our top pick to a must-have at 30% off Black Friday discount

Adding wireless connectivity to your car is cheaper than ever with this wireless adapter, but the 30% off deal won’t stick around for long.

AAWireless Wireless Android Auto Dongle

AAWireless Wireless Android Auto Dongle

$56 $80 Save $24

We’ve loved the AAWireless adapter since it first came out, and now its price has dropped from $80 to $56 for Black Friday. That’s a 30% discount worth grabbing before its gone.

When Pocket-lint’s Rob Webb got to review this little device from AAwireless, he gave five solid reasons why it rocks. And with a 30% discount on Black Friday, the reasons to buy it just keep mounting. Of course, quality technology like this isn’t exactly cheap, which is why the dip from $80 to $56 is such a win. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, this is the solution.

Why should I get the AAwireless Wireless Android Auto Dongle?

There are a lot of cheap wireless adapters out there, and they rarely work for long. The AAwireless adapter, however, is clearly made to last. The quality hardware is compact, but within that small dongle is packed a powerful wireless receiver that connects to phones and stays connected. This is largely thanks to the plug-and-play design that makes set up a breeze, and it can relay its connection with your car’s display to access apps and controls. In fact, there are more than 240 apps that work via Android Auto. This includes music, navigation, and everything else you need while on the road.

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The price cut for Black Friday is another obvious reason to get the AAwireless adapter, but it’s still a great buy regardless. For those of us tired of crummy adapters, this easy and reliable device is the way to go. Our favorite part? After the initial setup, the AAwireless Auto Dongle remembers your device and connects automatically as soon as you start the car. With this gadget, convenience is the name of the game.

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