This could be the Google Pixel 4 floating around social media, but without a source

There’s a new set of photos floating around the internet that reportedly came from a small, private chat group, and supposedly someone in that group has their hands on a Google Pixel 4. The source can’t be confirmed or verified, but considering how bad Google was at keeping the Pixel 3 private this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if there really were working units out in the wild already.

Real or fake?

If it’s fake, it does look very convincing. It’s reportedly the regular Pixel 4, not the XL, so there’s no notch on the front of the phone. The back camera module does line up with leaks, however, with a square module and three sensors housed inside.

As we’ve mentioned before, Google’s notorious for a ton of leaks about their hardware. Whether this is an early model for case-makers, repair shops, or just reviews, there’s a very good chance that something did slip through and people on WhatsApp are grabbing pictures.

Same old design

We’re expecting a lot of the same from Google this year. The camera will obviously be a big focus, which is the defining feature of Pixel phones at this point. But alongside great cameras, it seems like Google also defines their Pixel line with outdated aesthetics and strange design choices. You can’t deny that the phone looks old with that screen-to-body ratio, especially next to heavy hitters like the Galaxy S10.

But aside from the design, we’re anticipating high-end hardware to match everything else. A Snapdragon 855 CPU will be powering everything, and we’re hoping Google doesn’t skimp on RAM this time around.

Either way, expect everything to be revealed at Google’s hardware event in October.

source: Mishaal Rahman (Twitter)

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