This Dell 27-inch 4K monitor is cheaper than you thought

The 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor on a table.

If you want to upgrade to a 4K monitor, the good news is you can get one for cheap from Dell. The 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor, which is already pretty affordable at its original price of $300, is down to just $230 following a $70 discount in a limited-time deal. There’s no telling when the offer expires and how long stocks will last, so if you want to make sure that you get this display for cheaper than usual, you’ll need to complete the purchase right now.

Why you should buy the 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor

The Dell S2721QS 4K monitor comes with a 27-inch screen, which is within the recommended size range of our computer monitor buying guide. Like some of the best monitors, it offers 4K Ultra HD resolution so you can watch streaming shows, browse websites, and play video games with sharp details and vivid colors. The monitor also comes with AMD’s FreeSync technology to reduce screen tearing and stuttering, and built-in dual speakers so you won’t need extra accessories for sound output.

If you think you’ll be using the Dell S2721QS 4K monitor for several hours each day, you won’t have to worry about straining your eyes because it comes with Dell’s ComfortView Plus, which reduces potentially harmful blue light emissions without sacrificing color accuracy. The monitor also comes with dual HDMI ports so you can have up to two devices connected at the same time, and you can easily switch between them. You can even use them both simultaneously, with your choice between picture-by-picture or picture-in-picture arrangements.

4K monitors can get expensive, but fortunately, there are monitor deals like Dell’s discount for the 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor. From $300, it’s on sale for only $230 in a limited-time deal that we don’t think will last very long. There’s a chance that the $70 discount will no longer be around tomorrow, so if you want to get the 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor at a lower price, it’s highly recommended that you proceed with completing the transaction immediately. Any delay will increase the risk of you missing out on this bargain.

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