This discounted Switch OLED comes with three free games

With the Switch 2 on the horizon we might finally start seeing some proper deals on the current Switch OLED – like this one from Argos.

The retailer of catalogue fame is offering a Switch OLED with three free games for just £279.99. Remember to use the code GAMING10 when you check out to get the full discount.

Switch OLED is £20 off plus 3 free games

Switch OLED is £20 off plus 3 free games

The Nintendo Switch OLED offers the best handheld experience of the current generation and Argos has a great sale ongoing. You’ll get three free games, plus £20 off when you use the code GAMING10

  • Argos
  • Use code GAMING10
  • £279.99

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The OLED console usually costs £299.99 by itself, but here it is bundled with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, Everybody 1-2-Switch! and Flipping Death. That’s a total value of £339.99, so you’re saving £60 here.

If you’re concerned about buying a Switch OLED now when the Switch 2 is likely to be launched in early 2025, allow us to allay some concerns.

There are a world of absolutely stunning Nintendo Switch games that absolutely must be enjoyed before this generation comes to a close. There are more still on the way, which includes instalments from the Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong franchises.

Besides, we love the Switch OLED. It offers a larger 7-inch display with improved brightness, constant and colour accuracy. It also includes a larger stand that makes tabletop play more enjoyable. Our reviewer also increased the storage capacity so you can fit more of your favourite games on board.

He said: “The Nintendo Switch OLED is a fantastic upgrade for portable play, with the new screen looking significantly better than the one on the standard model. But with no substantial upgrade for docked mode, it isn’t a worthwhile purchase for those who just want a home console for the TV.”

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