This electronic standing desk from FlexiSpot is 30% off right now for Black Friday

It’s Black Friday, which means between now and next week, thousands of products are on sale for less than they usually are. Everything from phones and tablets to office accessories and desks are up for grabs at significantly reduced prices. We’ve been rounding up some of the best deals we’ve come across in all categories, and today we wanted to highlight this electronic standing desk from one of our favorite manufacturers; FlexiSpot.

Flexispot Eg1 Se

FlexiSpot EG1 | 30% off

Featuring an electonic motor and height adjustable between 71cm and 121cm. The EG1 has a solid and stable frame, and a simplified control panel with up and down buttons for easy adjusting of the height.

$204 at Amazon

The FlexiSpot EG1 is an electronic standing desk, meaning it’s motorized so you don’t have to manually crank it up and down. The EG1 is FlexiSpot’s entry-level electronic standing desk, featuring a simple control panel with up and down buttons on allowing you to control the height with a press of a button. It has a height range between 71cm and 121cm, meaning it’s perfect most people who will be moving between sitting and standing poisitions throughout the day.

Additionally, it’s using a single-motor set up, and has a adjustment speed of 25mm a second with a maximum support weight of 70kg. The frame is also adjustable so it can support desk sizes ranging from 100cm to 160cm horizontally, and 50cm to 80cm vertically. FlexiSpot says this frame uses SPCC steel for a more stablized experience, preventing shaking when the desk is at maximum height.

The desk tops themselves are sold separately, but FlexiSpot makes it easy to configure the frame with a desk top if you so choose. The good thing about FlexiSpot is that if you already have a desk top you plan to use, you don’t have to buy one with the frame!

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