This Google Phone Could Solve The Wet Finger Touchscreen Issue

The Google Pixel 8 Could Soon Automatically Crank Up Touch Sensitivity

This Google Phone Could Solve The Wet Finger Touchscreen Issue 3
Image Credit: Google

The ambient light sensor has been a staple on smartphones for a long time, allowing your brightness to change automatically based on how bright your environment is. Well, guess what? It looks like Google is planning to bring a similar feature to the Pixel 8, yet instead of adjusting your brightness, it intelligently adjusts your screen’s touch sensitivity.

Thanks to Mishaal Rahman at AndroidPolice, it was discovered that the first beta for the Android 14 QPR 3 update has lines relating to an “Adaptive Touch” feature being in the works. The description included for the feature was:

“Touch sensitivity will automatically adjust to your environment, activities and screen protector”

Virtually all modern Android smartphones have a setting that you can toggle on to increase your touch sensitivity, intended for cases when you have a screen protector on or you’re wearing gloves. However, this will be the first time we’ve seen an indication that it may be automatically adjusted. This might mean that your phone may be able to detect when it or your fingers are wet and adjust sensitivity accordingly, solving a very notorious smartphone annoyance.

Google’s Software Has Always Set It Apart

This Google Phone Could Solve The Wet Finger Touchscreen Issue 4
Image Credit: Google

When it comes to software, Google has been a major player from the very moment they released the original Google Pixel. In a time when two or three cameras on the back of a phone were rampant, Google stuck with one camera bolstered with software magic, up until 2018 — even though the modern multi-camera craze started in 2016 with phones like the Huawei P9 and LG G5.

Here are some of the awesome Google Pixel features that show that the company has always been thinking out of the box:

  • Adaptive Touch is the next level, but did you know that your Google Pixel 8 already has a feature that automatically detects if you have a screen protector on, and prompts you to increase touch sensitivity?
  • There was a time when Android phones adopted complex sensors for face unlocking on par with the iPhones. Now, they just use their cameras and most aren’t as secure as fingerprints. But on the Pixel 8, you get Class 3 Face Unlock, achieved using just a 10.5MP selfie cam.
  • Hate it or love it, the Best Take feature in the Pixel 8 camera saves you from taking a frustrating number of group shots. You can just “steal” a facial expression from another shot to fix up the one where Tom is blinking.
  • Call Screen lets your Pixel pick a phone call for you, talk to the person on the other end, and give you a transcript of what they’re saying. This works amazing for spam calls or situations where you might be busy and need to find out why someone is calling.

The Pixel 9 Will Make Things Even Better

This Google Phone Could Solve The Wet Finger Touchscreen Issue 5
Image Credit: OnLeaks via 91Mobiles

Google will be launching its new smartphones later this year, and we’ve gotten a good look at the renders for the Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro. The design changes up significantly, but the core design language can still be appreciated.

These devices are going to be launching with some improved hardware specifications over their predecessors, and will certainly come with more awesome software features in tow.

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