This HP Envy laptop is $420 off in HP’s version of Prime Day

The opened HP Envy 17t-da000 with an abstract background.

It’s safe to say that laptops that cost just over $1,000 usually exist somewhere in the mid to upper-mid-range laptop space. They aren’t the super cheap laptops under $700 that you’ll mostly use for browsing and travel. At the same time, they aren’t dedicated gaming laptops that are ready to play today’s biggest games with above par graphical settings (though you can game one them). In other words, they’re pretty average laptops. But the four-digit price is still something difficult to stomach. That’s why this deal on an HP Envy that would normal cost $1,300 but now costs $880 is so initially appealing. In addition to saving you $420, it just feels right. Tap the button below to check it out for yourself or keep reading to see why we think this deal is more than just feels.

Why you should buy the HP Envy Laptop 17t-da000

This HP Envy laptop, the 17t-da000, is a Windows 11 Home laptop with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage, though there are notably options to up the memory to 32GB of RAM and increase the storage to 1TB or 2TB. According to our laptop buying guide, 16GB of RAM is actually in the “sweet spot” for the current year, filling in what used to be the 8GB slot. In other words, the 16GB variation should feel about the same at 8GB did to you several years ago. Unless you’re doing content creation or use your laptop with intense software and multiple high-powered applications at the same time, you shouldn’t need 32GB of RAM. The HP Envy Laptop 17t-da000 has a relatively large 17.3 inch display, which gives it enough room in the bottom half of the chassis to include a full keyboard with numpad, and displays in 1080p.

Like a lot of laptops today, this HP Envy is advertising AI features. Here, they are mostly just related to optimized processing and some behind-the-scenes battery efficiency adjustments. Instead, what should come out to you is that the base laptop has Wi-Fi 6 — perfect for taking advantage of the fastest internet speeds — and that there is an option to even go to Wi-Fi 7 to super future-proof the laptop. It was not long ago that you would not expect Wi-Fi 6 on any laptop under $1,000.

To grab your HP Envy Laptop 17t-da000 at a price of just $880, go ahead and tap the button below. You’ll be saving $420 off of the laptop’s normal price. If you’re not positive this is the laptop you want to spring for, you’ll still have a chance in a few days to see if there is something else you want. Prime Day is around the corner and Prime Day laptop deals are coming.

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