This is how much Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro could cost in Europe

Pixel 6

As we wait for Google to announce when it plans to officially unveil the Pixel 6 series on a date other than October 5th when it’s expected to launch new Nest devices and services, a new report gives us an idea of the European pricing and the quirky names of the various colorways. It’s not quite the news that we want but it’s the news that we’ve got. On a positive note, the Pixel 6 pricing, if the report is accurate, would appear to be pretty reasonable considering the apparent premium nature of Google’s new phones.

The report comes from M.Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today, who cites a worker for a European retailer as the source who says that the Pixel 6 will go on sale starting from €649 (~$759) and the Pixel 6 Pro from €899 (~$1,050).

When you think of competing handsets such as the OnePlus 9 series and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 range, the proposed Pixel 6 and 6 Pro prices are more affordable than previously anticipated. Naturally, this is a leak which means that it could be old or fake information but 9to5Google’s European source confirmed the numbers.

But. If Google is serious about bringing the Pixel brand to the mainstream market that tends to call Android smartphones ‘Galaxies’ then affordable pricing is the way to go, even for flagships.

The other interesting news is that the black colorway will be called ‘carbon’ and the green will be known as ‘fog’, according to the retailer’s system listings. This bit of the report feels a little light on detail because Google usually comes out with quirky naming schemes such as ‘Almost Black’ or ‘Clearly White’. It could be that this is another example of Google switching things up, or it may just be the dry product listing scheme used by the particular retailer.

Hopefully, we’ll have some official confirmation of the Pixel 6 launch date in the coming days. Come on Google, hurry up!

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