This isn’t just a dock, it’s a dock in a box — and it’s more than just half-price

Forgive me for interrupting your normal feed of news with this unsolicited dock pic, but this one is special, and it’s ridiculously cheap. The JSAUX 7-in-1 docking station does everything you would expect from your average dock and extends the ports on your laptop as well as being useful for connecting your Steam Deck to a bigger screen. What makes this dock stand out from the rest though, is its compact design which neatly boxes up all the wires and connectors you could need. It’s the most perfect dock for traveling or just keeping a tidy workspace, and it’s normally $64.99 — but with some jiggery-pokery on Amazon, you can get it for only $25.99. Don’t worry, this isn’t a hack, it’s just a discount code. But the magic is in the obscenely good value for this lifesaver of a PC and handheld gaming accessory. 

This is how the JSAUX dock should look at checkout with the correct discounts applied. (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

What’s so impressive about this dock?

(Image credit: Jsaux)

I own and have reviewed a bunch of docks, from the sexy and simple Razer USB-C dock to the JSAUX RGB dock that doubles as a disco ball, and it’s clear from all I’ve tried that simplicity is key. The beauty of this JSAUX Omnicase is that it does everything you need in one compact package, and also tidies away those spare USB-C cables for travel. It’s simple but with an extra feature that makes perfect sense.

This particular version of the JSAUX is 7-in-1, so it comes with the following ports

  • USB C (Power Delivery) –  for use for pass through charging from your laptop charger or Steam Deck supplying power up to 100W.
  • USB C port – for connecting your device. 
  • USB 3.0 Ports x 2 – For fast transmission speeds and power supply.
  • 4K HDMI Port – Supports HDMI 4K@30Hz UHD, 1080P HD.
  • Ethernet port – Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps superfast gigabit Ethernet.
  • SD and Micro SD/TF card reader – Maximum speed of 104mb/s and both readers work simultaneously. 

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