This Samsung curved monitor is $100 cheaper for a limited time

It’s not surprising that computer monitors cost more than your average TV, but why? It’s because of high refresh rates, better color image accuracy, response rates, anti-blur tech, and more. Basically, there are many features exclusive to monitors that make your everyday computer experience better, especially if you’re playing games. That said, you can still find monitors at competitive prices if you know where to look, even ones that push the boundaries of innovation. Take KTC’s H32S17, a 32-inch curved gaming monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1 ms adaptive sync response time, all at a 1440P HD resolution. That is impressive, but even better is the standard price — it’s only $300. Wow. Let’s take a closer look, and keep reading to learn how you can enter to win this KTC curved gaming monitor for yourself.
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Introducing the KTC H32S17: Beautiful, voluminous, and innovative

Supporting 1440P gaming, a real sweet spot for modern PC gaming, this monitor offers quite a bit of screen real estate at 32 inches. It’s curved, too, so while sitting on your desk, it will wrap around the front of you, creating a more immersive visual experience, whether you’re streaming movies or playing games. But the technical specifications are the most impressive bit. Thanks to a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms adaptive sync response time, you get pro-level performance. That equals smooth motion, excellent onscreen performance, and high framerates, provided your rig has a suitable GPU. Plus, it’s compatible with both AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync technologies, so it doesn’t matter what kind of GPU you have, you’re covered.

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