This unprecedented deal on the best 27-inch gaming monitor is the UK’s best for Black Friday

Someone at Razer has really lost the plot with all their amazing Black Friday deals but if you were looking at the U.S. selection from the UK and feeling a bit left out, fear not. We have a true doorbuster for you.

The Razer Raptor is currently the best 27-inch gaming monitor money can buy. But it’s pricey. Normally in the UK, you’d pay close to £700 for the 144Hz model, but not today.

How does £300 sound? No that’s not a typo. This genuinely is a one-off deal you cannot miss.

Razer Raptor 27

Razer Raptor 27 | Lowest price ever

A gorgeous 27-inch gaming monitor that can walk the talk. The Raptor 27 is amazing for daily work for photo and video editing, watching a movie, and going at it hard for gaming. A discount this large has never been seen before.

This is one of those deals that you’d imagine people clawing at each other to grab in a big box store, you know, like those news clips we’ve all seen over the years. This is one of those that we dream about finding. Around £400 off something this good never happens.

Why do we love the Raptor so much, though? It has everything. Adaptive sync for both AMD and NVIDIA users? Check. HDR? Check. Fast refresh rate and high resolution? Check and check. It looks like no other monitor on the planet, too, and the innovative stand and cable management really helps it stand apart from the crowd.

For creators, it’s a good choice too, with DCI-P3 wide color gamut support, high Adobe RGB accuracy and an anti-glare finish so you can stare at what really matters all day, not your own reflection.

You simply won’t find a better monitor deal in the UK this year than this. Don’t let it slip away.

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