Tips to recover deleted files from an external hard drive

Have you ever lost any important data from your hard drive? It’s a pretty horrifying experience, especially if it was something personal or hard to replace, like family photos, documents you hadn’t backed up yet, or even your saves from that video game you’ve been playing. Backing things up is the best way to avoid that, but if you didn’t and now your stuff is gone, our friends at CleverFiles have some tips and tricks to help try and get some of your data back.

Read on to find out how it works.

Recover data from external hard drive

Nowadays, it’s even hard to imagine how people used to store large amounts of data they regularly used. Today, this problem is solved by hard drives on computers or laptops. However, despite the obvious convenience, there is also a risk of losing the information in an instant.

Many users simply don’t know how to recover files from an external hard drive. Fortunately, today there are several options that can help you save time. They will cost you nothing.

Damage to the disk and deletion of data can be caused by various errors: system problems, hardware malfunctions, or virus and malware that get into the system with the downloaded files.

Is it possible to recover lost data?

Generally, you can try to recover data from external hard drive from the recycle bin. Some of the information may linger there, so you need to carefully check this section. However, the truth is the files needed to be restored rarely linger in the bin, and you have to look for alternative ways to access them. We offer a unique tutorial that will save time and allow you to access necessary information.

If it the data isn’t in the recycle bin, then it’s best to use progressive software solutions. One of them is Disk Drill. Thanks to this utility, it’ll be possible to recover files and data of various formats absolutely for free. We will dwell upon this issue in more details below.

Often, if you find a malfunction of a hard drive, first of all you need to stop using it. If this is not done, then the risk of losing other data increases. Also, the operating system itself may fail, which will make the recovery of the necessary data extremely difficult.

Also, don’t format the hard disk. This will make further recovery impossible. In most cases, trying to repair it yourself will also lead to negative consequences. If you don’t know how to retrieve data from external hard drive, we’ll tell you about the most popular methods that have been tested by time and bring a guaranteed result.

Ways to recover necessary information

As mentioned above, there are several rational options available. The first one is using the command line. So, you need to press the Win+R keys. Then, the Run program will start. Next you enter CMD and press Enter.

In the next window, enter the following data in the address bar: “ATTRIB -H -R -S / S / D X: *. *”. Instead of “X” use the name of your hard drive. This is one of the most simple and popular methods of how to recover files from an external hard drive. However, it’s not the only one, so we’ll try to look at other options, which rationality is confirmed in practice.

The second way is recovery via file history. This feature is very popular. With its help, information can be obtained again. Open the control panel and go to the System and Security tab. Next, select the “File History”. In the new window, click “Enable”. After that, make sure the hard drive really works and is one of the elements of the history.

  1. Go to the folder where necessary data was saved.
  2. Right click and select “Properties”.
  3. Select “Previous version”.
  4. Specify which version you’d like to recover.
  5. Run the recovery procedure.

It’s held quickly. In most cases, the process of recovering external hard drives is successful, and you can again work with the necessary files, tables, and other information.

The last method, indirectly described above, is the use of the progressive utility Disk Drill. Thanks to this program you can learn how to recover data from external hard disk. The use of unique algorithms will allow to work with files of various formats.

It’s enough to download Disk Drill for free to enjoy the benefits of its use. You run the program, it starts scanning the disk and then gives the result. Select the files you need to restore, click on them, and you will definitely regain access to them.

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