Top 10 Newest Money Earning Apps Without Investment

Everyone is looking for more ways to make some extra cash because job opportunities are getting slimmer over the years. In the quest to search and spend money, many people lurk into illegal acts, which don’t pay off in the long run.

On the bright side, we live in a technologically advanced age where the internet rules almost everything. You don’t need to delve into underpaying jobs and fraudulent activities to get extra income. There are several ways to make money online. 

There are apps and sites where you can easily earn while performing some tasks. You don’t also have to own a computer; you could make money on the internet with your smartphones.

This article will prove to you that you can earn real money on some apps. The intriguing thing is that we will cover apps that don’t require investments

We understand that investments involve risk, and some are not ready for that; the only significant money making app cost is your time, once you can dedicate it, you are good to go!

The number one excuse that most people give is a lack of capital to start. You can earn money online without having enormous investments, or even using investing apps. 

As you continue, you will get to see some of the best money making apps without investments. Read on and enjoy!

Best Money Making Apps that will help you to Save Money

All of the best money making apps make use of several methods to enable users to earn. It could come in the form of surveys and tasks to generate audience insights, watching videos even playing games, and they don’t affect browsing data! You could use it to earn cash back bonuses, get paid in actual cash or redeeming gift cards. There are even more opportunities if you prefer using the web to try your luck, such as skrill casino, which require very low minimum deposits to start playing and making money. 

We would go through the top free apps that could get you making money today.

1. MistPlay

If you are naturally a gamer or a huge fan of playing games during your leisure time, you will find MistPlay, a very resourceful app. It is a loyalty app that allows you to get paid by playing mobile games.

All you need is an active internet connection to install the app on your mobile device. Once you launch it, register with email or Facebook account, pick a game of your choice and start playing; it is that easy!

When you play, you can earn all sorts of gifts that can be converted to cash. MistPlay can help you earn gift cards on popular and reputable brands like Xbox, Starbucks, Amazon, Nintendo, and iTunes. 

One primary reason why people love the app is that it is a fun way of generating money! You can also win rewards for your steam credits or Visa cards, cash back bonuses. Mistplay is available for free on the Android Playstore. 

The app graces players with a minimum withdrawal of 1,500 points equivalent to a $5 gift card. You get free 15 points when you sign up!

2. Foap

Are you an avid picture lover? Perhaps you are someone who loves to take pictures of yourself and things in your surroundings. You probably didn’t know that you could get paid for every standard photo on your phone.

Foap allows you to sell your pictures online! Who could have imagined that you could make more money off the pictures you take with your mobile phone?

Once you sign up on the Foap app, which is available on iOS and Android, you can sell as many pictures as you want.

Another fantastic feature of Foap is that you can sell one picture more than once to multiple buyers! So, if your photo is so good, you could get numerous buyers to make more money.

Apart from selling pictures, the app also features something called missions. They partner up with some public brands; if you can get any of their product, showcase how you use them in your everyday life to give them publicity. Soon enough, they will start to reward you handsomely. 

Getting your money from Foap is also easy. They payout once a month. There is also no minimum withdrawal. You receive each of your payouts through PayPal to your bank account.

3. Airbnb

If you don’t have enough time to stay glued to your screen watching videos or taking surveys, you should pay attention to Airbnb. It focuses more on a less digital way to make money. 

Perhaps you live in a big house, and you have one or more spare rooms, or you have more than one house without occupants; you could rent it out with Airbnb. The Airbnb money making app serves as a link for you and your potential customers.

In case any of your properties or real estate suffers damage in renting it out, Airbnb has protective measures for you. With up to $1M for damage protection and accident insurance, you have peace of mind when renting out your property!

The company provides a very flexible approach. If you wish to use your property for a while, you could switch the bookings temporarily. 

If you don’t have such real estate, you could opt-in for some additional services such as touring guides, transportation, and similar services available on the mobile app. 

Putting up your property on the app is free! The only little sacrifice you need to pay is 3% of your earnings per reservation. That seems like a small price to pay considering what you stand to gain.

4. SlideJoy

Although it may seem unbelievable, with slide joy, you could monetize your phone’s lock screen! Who could have thought that you could make a few bucks with your lock screen? SlideJoy makes that possible.

How does it work? You have to give the app permission to display personalized ads on your lock screen. So, each time you turn on your phone, an ad would pop up; if you have interest, you click; if not, you swipe and continue using your phone.

The exciting thing about SlideJoy ads is that they are not your regular annoying ads; in fact, more times than often, you will have an interest. Whether you are interested in the ads or not, you still earn! The app can measure ad performance to decide your earnings.

SlideJoy may not be like other apps that gives massive cash; however, you may choose to rely on it for some spare change, it will come in handy. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account.

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, as the name implies, involves taking different surveys at time intervals to earn cash. In fact, it is one of the best money making apps for taking surveys. It is similar to other survey apps like the popular google opinion rewards you also earn while taking part in various surveys.

What makes it stand out a bit from the impeccable google opinion rewards is that the surveys occur more often. It helps you to get a higher chance of winning more. Besides, the company already built its reputation as they have over ten million members because it offers some of the highest paying surveys.

The survey app is available on both the Android Google Playstore and the iOS App Store. Their services are so fantastic that the apps have many high ratings, so the chances of facing issues are few.

You earn in points which you can easily convert to cash. The minimum withdrawal is $5, which you can get with 500 points. Withdrawals are also through PayPal or through redeeming of gift cards.

6. Turo

Perhaps you have a car that you don’t put to use, and you don’twant to use uber app, then Turo is for you! There is no need to leave your car in the garage for so long when you could make money with it. With the Turo app, you can rent out your car for a day!

The more expensive or fancy your car is, the higher your rent it out! Although, you should not take it as an independent financial advice, this app comes with a lot of features to help you forecast your potential earnings. The site even states that you can earn over $700 per month by renting out your car.

You may be a bit skeptical because of the potential car damages, but no worries, Turo got you covered! The company offers $750,000 liability insurance and physical damage protection. 

You could also view reviews on potential customers before you rent your car to them. It assures you that your property is in safe hands. 

Besides, every guest that signs up on Turo to use your vehicle is appropriately screened and verified to reduce the risk of damages.

7. Secret Shopper

Secret shopper is a great app that gives you access to mystery shopping. You are trained to visit retail shops, restaurants, small businesses, or even a bank to test the quality of their services.

When you make your observations and research, you can drop reviews on the products or services with proof. It is an exciting way of earning money or get cash back bonuses to make extra in store purchases.

The app connects you to several businesses and people all over your region. If you fancy the ‘detective’ line, why don’t you try it out? The app pays are also worth the work. Everything about it is perfect!

8. MyPoints

As the name implies, with this app, you can earn points through surveys, dining, shopping, and many other exciting activities such as watching movies. Points can be in-turn converted to cash or gift cards.

MyPoints are partners with so many reputable brands like Amazon, Visa, and many more; the partners process data to make it easier for the app users to convert to the respective gift cards or get cash back bonuses. Alternatively, you can convert to cash and withdraw to PayPal, then to your bank account. 

Approximately 3970 points are equivalent to $25. Account creation on the apps is free, and MyPoints is generous enough to reward every new sign-up with a $10 bonus, for free! Occasionally you can make use of promo codes and coupon codes to get some great offers such as cash back bonuses.

9. Capital One Shopping 

It was popularly known as Wikibuy, but it was rebranded. Now, it is back, better, and more rewarding. The app is available on both the google play store and the iOS app store. 

Capital One shopping allows you to get exclusive offers while making online purchases! You can earn shopping credits from the same app, and it helps redeem gift cards. You could also opt-in to use it for cash back bonuses when shopping online.

It also comes with additional features like a browser extension with a barcode scanner that helps you find better deals for a specific product. Capital one shopping app is the all-in-one package that any regular shopper needs to earn money!

This one, of all the other money making apps, doesn’t have any minimum withdrawal, so you could choose to use any little reward you earn for redeeming gift cards or direct deposit for cash back offers.

10. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another solid money-making app that you can choose to capitalize on because it awards one of the best payment system. You also earn by taking surveys and completing similar tasks on the app.

InboxDollars particularly stand out from the multitude of survey money making apps because you earn cash rewards directly. The app doesn’t go around the corners to ask you to redeem points unlike most money making apps.

For each survey or task that you take part in, you earn rewards directly in cash. You can choose to withdraw it when it reaches a minimum of $30. Also, InboxDollars gives a bonus of $5 for those that sign up through referrals. 

Once you download, register and start earning. No need for waiting to process personal data.

Conclusion on the Best Money Making App

Gradually, we are rounding up this article on the best money making apps without investments. We broke it down easily so that you don’t have to go about doing market research on them. By now, you should believe that you don’t even need an investment app to earn.

Also, be careful to download apps from trusted sources as some apps may inject malwares into your device, or better still, get a protection that actively scan device characteristics to make sure it is safe.

It is impossible to pin-point one of the apps as the best money making app as they have all have their exclusive features. It depends on you; pick the one that suits you best.

You need to consider the free time that you have, are you willing to rent out any of your properties? Do you prefer cash back offers or direct earning? Questions like these would help you to settle for your favorite money making apps.

Although, since most of these apps pay with free tasks and surveys, you may not earn a gigantic share, however, it will provide some extra money that would be enough to cater for some bills. At least it is free money!