Top Apps and Websites for Finding Your Dream Condo in 2021

Purchasing a home is likely to be the most costly buy you will ever make in your life. If you’re about to spend six figures or more on a single transaction, you should arm yourself with as much knowledge and information as possible. Condo applications and websites can assist you in doing so, as well as provide you with more information about the market in which you’re interested in buying a home, allowing you to hunt for the home of your dreams. 

The house-buying process is a thrilling adventure, but without the appropriate resources, finding your ideal home may be challenging. While you can always employ a Realtor to compile a list of homes for you, you can also use house-hunting websites to find available properties.

However, before you get any old home buying app or get to any websites, you should be aware that there are several varieties to consider: Some specialize in residential real estate, while others specialize in commercial real estate and even auction houses.

Take a look below to learn more about the best apps and websites for discovering your perfect condo, whether you’re actively looking for a home, looking for an investment property, or want to put your home on sale. 

What are the top apps and websites for finding your ideal house in 2021

Millions of first-time homebuyers throughout the country use the official website of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to discover their ideal house. The platform offers a simple design that makes it simple to search for available homes in your area. 

The attention to the tiny things that matter to first-time buyers distinguishes as the top website and app for property searching. Also, every listing contains the first and most newfangled property information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), including a historical summary of house prices. The Buyer Cash Reward system, which rewards homebuyers with 0.025 percent of the purchase price when they buy a property with an agent on, may also return your money.

Moreover, while you’re still in the early stages of the homebuying procedure, you may be preapproved for a mortgage by connecting with a reputable mortgage provider. is also a great app for its users. When seeking to purchase or sell a house, this Realtor app is a great place to start. It is often regarded as the top property purchasing software since it combines data from numerous websites to list as many homes in your region as possible, much faster than its competitors. It can also put you in touch with local realtors. In a nutshell, it assists you in locating your dream condo.

You can search through millions of listings on Zillow without having to leave your house. The platform, like, allows you to filter your online search, interact with real estate agents, and learn about mortgage alternatives. For good reason, Zillow is perhaps the most well-known real estate app. Zillow is a forerunner in online house value appraisal, providing users with estimated property value, previous selling prices, and other information for almost every home in the United States and Canada.

Zillow is well-known among homebuyers and sellers, and the app is equally impressive. It features the greatest property inventory as well as a superior method of sorting listings based on extremely precise criteria. Whether you’re a landlord, you may set up an account to trace your expected property worth over time and get estimates for a possible sale price if you wish to purchase.

 If you’re seeking to buy a house, you should bookmark the Zillow website and get the Zillow app for your smartphone.

Trulia began as a stand-alone business but is now a part of Zillow, which means it keeps all of the interesting nuances of a small company while still providing all of the benefits of a huge platform. Unlike other websites and apps, you may look at Local Legal Protections to check how the LGBT population in your neighborhood is protected. 

If you already have a pet, each listing contains recent comments from local pet owners to give you a sense of how your furry companion will be treated in the community. You can personalize searches using this real estate mobile app and website by property characteristics like hardwood flooring, and it has a fantastic ‘neighborhoods’ function where you can check facts like crime levels and natural disaster information. 

You may also watch drone videos and read reviews from existing homeowners by taking virtual neighborhood tours. The app also includes over 30 dynamic map overlays and the opportunity to see how close local traffic is.

Redfin is working to reshape the real estate market to benefit customers at every level of the process. If you’re seeking to purchase a home soon, the Redfin app is a reliable property search tool that includes the option to filter homes that have forthcoming open houses. This is an excellent method to see what kind of houses are available in your preferred region for your budget. 

A Redfin realtor can guide you through the process by guiding you through showings, identifying similar houses in your price range, and providing any information you’ll require as a first-time homeowner. The agent’s fee is generally covered by the home seller, although Redfin listings include the percentage. In addition, if you’re seeking to purchase a home in a hot market, you can discover how many other people are looking at the same property you are.

Redfin is regarded as one of the most comprehensive property-selling applications and websites, including information on foreclosures and houses for sale by owner. In only a few taps, the app’s built-in real estate agent function allows you to schedule a tour of a house.

The option to browse auction homes is one of the most appealing features of the Xome condo app and website; ideal for first-time buyers on a low budget. Foreclosed houses, bank-owned properties, and short sales are all included under the “homes only” section, making them suitable for real estate investors. 

This function is particularly useful for real estate investors since it allows you to purchase a property before it goes on the open market and at a cheaper price. When you sell at a cheaper price, you make more money. After all, that is exactly what real estate investment is all about.

This property listing software, among other things, allows you to limit searches based on similarities like pools, pricing, location, and nearby schools.

What to expect from condo websites and applications

Condo applications and websites range significantly, so you may expect various things from each one. On a commercial property-focused website or app, for example, you may expect to see businesses for sale. You may expect to see live auctions featuring bank-owned properties and foreclosures on other apps that specialize in auctions.

Condo assignment platforms like Condoly are also on the rise and many people use them to find assignment deals.

Active listings that are currently on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), agent and lender recommendations, and blogs about the newest real estate news are some of the features you can expect to find on most real estate applications.

The best website or app for house searching is ultimately determined by the sort of property you demand, the amount of information you want about the neighborhood, and other variables that are essential to you.